How to Advertise Top Sites

So you started a business now what?  Obviously, you want to grow your business now by advertising online.  So where do you start, which websites can you advertise on, and how to advertise effectively?  It may sound easy.  Just pick the ones with the highest traffic and the most users, right?  Well, it is not that simple.  Before you start advertising consider these advertising options and questions.  If you run ads on Tumblr with images will it be more effective than just plain text ads.  Can you use pictures or photos in Craigslist ads.  If you decide to use images, photos, and picture ads, which ones are the most effective, which types work best.  As you can, see we have only scratched the surface and there are thousands of important factors that you should be considering before doing any type of advertising online.  The good news is even though it may sound overwhelming I am going to explain how to use advertising tools that make it much simpler. So that if you advertise on Craigslist, Tumblr, Reddit, or Twitter you get a return on your investment.

Ad types Pictures Images Photos

Knowing the right tools to use can be the difference between lighting money on fire and looking like an advertising guru.  First, you need to start by understanding your audience.  Which ones do they use?  Why do they use them?  If you don’t know this yet that is okay.  For simplicity, I am going to use Tumblr, Craigslist, Reddit, and Twitter as examples, but stay with me and I will get into how to pick a site to advertise on in the first place based on your market.  Let’s start with how to advertise on Twitter using image ads.  Performing a few searches will give us exactly what we need to create a powerful Twitter ad with an image.  You can perform searches for Twitter pictures here.  That way you will see only images from only and it will automatically return what google has deemed the most shared, most popular, and most relevant images that are best on this website.  Basically, eliminate the guesswork of trying to blindly find an image that you think will work.  You will start to notice a theme and that theme is always going to be to use data to make decisions and not guesses.

How to advertise on Craigslist with Examples

Let me back up a bit.  Now let’s say you are not even sure which top site to advertise on.  Obviously, some ad options are Craigslist, Facebook, and Twitter.  Again, you can do searches on the site Craigslist only here. Say, you are trying to sell used cars.  Well you can query Craigslist cities for used cars and see what kinds of results are displayed.  Are there a bunch of results for your product?  Are people talking about your product or similar/related products on Craigslist? When you do searches are there pictures of used cars.  What about photos and video results.  If so, that means your product is already in demand there and it could be a great website to target.  If you only see photos then it is probably a good idea to run a picture ad photo ad.  These can be used interchangeably.  If nothing came up for videos then you should avoid going with video ads.

What about How to Advertise on Twitter

The same methods can easily be used for Twitter.  All tweets are public and Twitter Tweets are searchable. This will even work Facebook advertising.  You should keep in mind though that some users do not have their profiles set to public and any who do will not show up.  Don’t worry, a huge percentage do so you can still get just as valuable information doing Facebook searches.  The key is to use these tools to view the data and gain a different perspective by targeting a particular site only.

If you enjoy the power of data and harnessing it to dominate your competition then check out our related posts about advertising, marketing online and making data backed decisions to increase your returns.  Next, we’ll explore the most popular searches you want to target.