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She is most likely one of the most famous stars of social media and Tumblr’s site. Miley, can be found with her wild side on Instagram’s most sought after celebs list. The former Disney star is presently deemed as the very best social networking influence. Miley Cyrus is among the most famous celebrities on social media sites.  See who else is among the hottest stars on social media.  Although unlikely, there is a chance you might even see her on Craigslist’s site and it would not be surprising.

Then of course, how much potential it must make sales because Selena Gomez’s lifestyle isn’t just an individual or even a pop star, however a legitimate brand. Selena knows a great deal of VERY a-list celebrities. Presently, heels come into different colors for example blue, yellow, green, red and clearly, the ladies’ beloved color, pink. Nowadays, they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Most Popular Celebrities

Somebody does not need to provide lengthy personal details like in the majority of other sites. For example, even if you just look for pictures, you’ll find ladies that are scantily dressed. The photo sharing platform permits people to find an inside look at their preferred celebrities. Most like pictures as well as videos.

These days you can get an inside look with all the new social networks and apps that even offer real time video.  Next week will be awesome. It’s fun to appear cool sometimes, it’s true. This is actually the exact year that’s represented in the majority of the photos below.

After all, for a lot of women that are adapting the greatest target is to possess long, balanced hair. Hopefully, these hints will help you to find looks which not only appeal to you personally, but work well with your individual body chemistry. This is definitely typical of women within the entertainment industry. This is fantastic for those who want to raise a family, or start over in a fresh place.


Best Online Videos Streaming Websites Funny News

Streaming video sites online and media giants unite together as the internet of things turns into the Internet of everything. As the web draws the masses for their daily video fix, advertisers continue to explore possibilities created for capturing their online audience. Internet videos allow viewers the ability to scope out their favorite channels and Youtube shows on any internet connected device; it’s the newest way to get your media fix online without the standard box or flat screen.  But, it goes much deep than just online video sharing sites like,, and  On most sites you can view anything from politics, news, to funny clips online.  Video sites are not search engine sites.  You need a search tool to help you find what it is that you want to watch.

Best Video Sites for Watching TV and Listening to Music


How to Advertise Online Top Websites

So you started a business now what?  Obviously, you want to grow your business now by advertising online.  So where do you start, which websites can you advertise on, are you using social media and how to advertise on top online sites?  It may sound easy.  Just pick the websites with the highest traffic and the most users, right?  Well, it is not that simple.  Before you start advertising consider these online advertising options and questions.  If you run ads on Tumblr with images will it be more effective than just plain text ads.  Can you use pictures or photos in Craigslist ads.  If you decide to use images, photos, and picture ads, which ones are the most effective and which types work best.  As you can see we have only scratched the surface and there are thousands of important factors that you should be considering before doing any type of advertising online.  The good news is even though it may sound overwhelming I am going to explain how to use advertising tools that make advertising much simpler. So that if you advertise on Craigslist, Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter you get a return on your investment.

Ad types Pictures Images Photos


Top Five Instagram Queries Advertising Marketing is a big time online mobile/web photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service that allows users to take pictures and videos, post images and  then share them on the app, as well as through a wide variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

Using Data Advertising on Instagram Tumblr Craigslist Ads

In this post I will give you the top 5 searches on Instagram.  These can be used to reach the largest audience on Instagram and target your marketing and advertising to get the best results.  Follow along as I will dive into Tumblr, Craigslist, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and more for more data from popular social networks that users use every single day.


Craigslist Top Cities List of Full Sites on Craigslist

Do you know all of the cities on Craigslist and all of the top cities on  Did you even know Craigslist has different versions of the site for different cities?  Well they do. Major cities have a entire section on the site and it is even split by states

Most Popular Cities on Craigslist’s site

The most popular cities and states on Craigslist by volume of searches in order are as follows.


Tumblr What is it and how to


What is it used for and how do you use it? Tumblr can be defined as a microblogging platform and social network.  The website was founded by David Karp and since 2013 it is now owned by Yahoo! Tumblr allows people to post photos, images, pictures, videos, text, and other content to a short-form blog. Tumblr users can follow other blogs, as well as make their site private. Many of the website’s features are accessed from the “dashboard” while logged in, where the option to post content and a feed of followed bloggers appear.  The goal is to get more followers, just like Instagram.

Sites By the Numbers, Followers, How to’s

Yahoo! made news by  announcing they would acquire the website in May of 2013, for approximately $1.1 billion.

As of February 2016, hosts over 277.2 million different individual accounts.  As of January 2016, the website had 555 million monthly visitors. New York is where the Company headquarters are located.