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Bitcoin, is a crypto-currency, but what is a crypto-currency? What if I told you, while you’re researching Bitcoins, crypto-currencies, blockchains, mining, stock charts, and Bitcoin etfs, the value has gone up hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the process. Let me guess, you are researching stock charts, prices, values, and how to get started before you buy. Also, where to buy:

Bitcoins Explained using Blockchain Technology for Buying and Selling

RELAX – I am not here to regurgitate a bunch of generic and useless info explaining the definitions of Bits, Coins, Bitcoins, Litecoins or any other buzz words, just like every other site is attempting to do, right now.

Instead, this site will use block-chain technology to blow your mind and demonstrate the power of it. You came here because you want to find an answer about what you think you need to know. Someone told you about BTC or you’ve seen the price. The explosive growth has triggered an emotional response and motivated you start looking into Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. You have seen stock charts and have maybe even done a little research. However, you still do not fully understand crypto-currency, blockchain, or how to invest in them. Curiosity, is now turning into fear that you have missed the bus and that you are missing out entirely. You have convinced yourself that you will invest once the market corrects and the price is not at an all time high. The blockchain has so much more data about you, I can continue to provide, but I am not uncertain I have your full attention now.  The goal is how to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum – explained as follows:

Now, you have witnessed the power of blockchains beyond just currency. By now, you are willing to accept the fact that the answers you think you needed to know might not matter. That’s because blockchain doesn’t care. There is no I think or you should and there certainly are no emotional factors driving anything. Blockchain tells you what you need to know and what to do and not the other way around. There is no time for decisions based on opinions. Everything is black or white and data backed. Especially, with how fast this market is moving. Hours can cost hundreds. Days cost thousands. If you are on a quest for free coins you better be motivated to work for them.

Ask yourself this question – what are you trying to do? Do you even know? If not, how can you possibly be researching all this. If you start with $1.00 can you turn it into $2.00 and what is the worst that can happen? Long story short, just go do it and go all the way. You will learn as you go and may even surprise yourself.  You’re best bet to get started the fastest way is to head over to and you can start immediately. They use blockchain tech and that is all you need to know. All guesswork is eliminated and they handle all of the heavy lifting while you sit back and watch your investment increase for a small fee. People are making money there who could not even tell you what a cryptocurrency is, literally. If you want to do it all on your own use It will take up to ten days to create your account and fund your wallet, but it is still a trusted and great option.  Fees are almost unavoidable at this point and free is almost unattainable. Hours can cost hundreds. Days cost thousands.

All of the following are required before you can buy a single coin. Find a BTC exchange, create a digital wallet account, verify your identity, link a bank account, fund your account, which typically involves a USD to Bit Coin transfer and ten days or more. Are you exhausted and worn out just reading about getting started?

On the plus side, this site is one advantage for doing your buying research.  I can’t stress this enough, but use data.  Top sites for BTC info right now are Reddit and Twitter. Perform searches here and limit the results to each of those sites so that you can filter the best results only.

If you simply can’t resist block out your entire calendar for 2018 while you attempt to understand all of the following before ever getting started.  The price by that time might be $40,000 so it is safe to assume time is of the essence. Here are some great sources for info and even entertainment.
bitcoin Reddit

The stock chart symbol is BTC, which is the ticker symbol it is traded under.

Terms to know if you choose to do your own research first

You need to understand the following terms and be prepared to lose thirty days creating and funding an account:

bitcoin reddit
bitcoin mining
bitcoin value
bitcoin wallet
bitcoin etf ticker
bitcoin etf
bitcoin market cap
bitcoin trading platform
bitcoin price history
how many bitcoins are there
supply and demand