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There is a better way searching by sites online. Do you ever wonder what websites get the most searches? The answer is all the sites you see on here. Tumblr so far is the winner. Followed by Craigslist, and Twitter. How about what people are searching for on a given website? Celebrities are highly sought after. Obviously, you can find a video on 'Insta Gram.' A pic on Tumblr's blogs. 'Craigslist,' full list of totally anything. What about content? Do pictures, photos, videos, or images get the highest volume of searches? We want to limit it to the best search engine results and give you only the best results for one site. SearchBySite.com is the easiest way to get the best results online by site only. So when you want to enter Selena Gomez Tumblr you get all Tumblr.com results for Selena Gomez. The same goes for Kim Kardashian Instagram. Enter Kim K on Snapchat and you get only Kim Kardashian related searches. Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Amber Rose are some of the most popular celebrities people look for on these sites. Simply select the best sites you want and we automatically return online results searches from a website using our online Searchengine results returned for you. It is easy when you use our engine searching by websites to filter results searched online.